History of Kings County…

Kings County is a rural county located in the South San Joaquin Valley. It consists of small, agricultural communities. Our total population is about 152,000 people. The county only has four incorporated cities. We have 3 prisons, a naval base, and a tribal reservation. These account for about 23% of our total population. Geographically, Kings County is approximately 1,392 square miles. Families must travel approximately 30 miles to the county seat, which is Hanford.

The Kings County Youth Services staff works closely with all districts. We play a vital role in ensuring communication of information to support implementation of student programs. KCOE currently serves 14 districts, and 8 charter schools. One quarter of our districts are single school elementary districts. Three districts are district-wide charters. County staff support the oversight of these charters on behalf of the state board of education. There are 29,951 students across Kings County. District enrollment ranges from 326 – 5,928. About 72% of county students are identified as socio-economically disadvantaged. Some districts range as high as 95%. There are approximately 864 homeless youth, with the majority attending 6 of our 14 districts. Two of these districts service students in grades TK-12, and are located in very rural communities where resources are limited. Districts are spread far apart. This creates difficulties with transportation between schools, districts, and resources.

Contact Information


Lavena Najera

Youth Services Specialist

(559) 589-2667

Andrea Chavez

Education Learning Technician

(559) 589-2657

Arianna Madrigal-Ornelas

Education Learning Technician

(559) 589-7041

Roxanna Solorio

Education Learning Technician

(559) 589-7082

Lisa Rodriguez

Director of Student Services

Paola Rodriguez

Youth Services Support Staff