To improve educational outcomes for foster youth by promoting academic attainment, improving school attendance, and removing barriers.

About Our Mission

Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP) is a state-funded educational advocacy program and support services aimed at enhancing educational results for adolescents ages 0-21 in Kings County who are in foster care. Working collaboratively with local school districts, health and human services agencies, probation, courts, and other interested groups, our program ensures every foster youth in Kings County receives the support and services for educational success.

Services We Provide

  • Verification of foster youth status and educational rights holder.
  • Educational case management, school of origin rights, transfer of records, immediate enrollment assistance, and credit evaluations.
  • Support for high school seniors in completing the FAFSA
  • Chafe Application, and WebGrants with coordination of the Independent Living Program & District Liaisons.
  • Provides training and resources on evidence-based strategies and practices geared to maximize the educational success, ensure equity, and equal access for all foster children in Kings County.

Who is Eligible?

This definition also includes:

  • Out-of-home placement or living at home, and under jurisdiction of the Kings County Court. (WIC 300)
  • Ward of the local tribal court . (ICWA)
  • Out of county foster youth placed in Kings County.