Available Resources

Housing is one of the most important needs, as it provides individuals and families with a safe and stable place to call home, fostering a sense of security and belonging. Beyond shelter, housing also influences physical and mental well-being, educational attainment, and economic opportunities, making it a cornerstone of societal stability that improves quality of life, and the community as one. For any housing need, please reach out to any organization listed. You can learn more about what they offer by calling them directly.

ILP (Independent Living Program):
Kings County Human Services offers the Independent Living Program (ILP) to current and former foster youth. ILP focuses on helping youth gain the basic life skills and information needed to become successful self-sufficient adults. Ages 16 and over whom are in foster care or were in foster care on or after their 16th birthday, are eligible for services up to the age of 21. View more information, here.

Directory of Organizations

  • KCAO: 559-582-4386
  • Barbara Saville Shelter: 559-585-1018
  • Corcoran Emergency Aid: 559-992-2272
  • Salvation Army: 559-582-4434
  • Proteus- Farm Workers’: 559-582-9253
  • Hannah’s House: 559-583-7800
  • Kings Housing Authority: 559-582-3120
  • Homelessness Prevention: 559-585-1018
  • Housing First Model: 559-362-7766